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I Fired My Dog!

Training in Progress

When all else fails find your


local training dog club. 

Fishy Cover 1.jpg

Can you imagine hearing footsteps outside your bedroom door? Of course not! Can you imagine water prints down the hallway leading to the kitchen? Of course not! Can you imagine peeking into the kitchen to find your fish using the blender making squid soup! Or watching television? Or playing the saxophone, drums, piano and juggling eggs! Of course not! That isn't possible.

Is It? Or is it possible. 

There's Something Fishy About My Fish is the fishiest fish story you will ever read. It's fun! It's hilarious! It's hysterical! It's even believable?

Isn't it?

There's Something Fishy About My Fish will entertain you to know what it is.


Bean is a real dog. She is our dog! As a rescue she is lively, smart, and filled with heart. I wrote a story of Bean saving a horse, Lightning from falling over a waterfall. Lightning becomes fast friends with Bean. Bean and Lightning are trained by my wife, Heather becoming famous for winning ribbons and trophies. They are Champions! As an added Bonus there are hearts hidden on each page. Can you find them?


Bean Bean the Wrecking Machine 

and her adventures. by following her on YouTube @

Bean Bean the Wrecking Machine


Glasses for Wally

Bryan Carrier's first children's picture book is available at Amazon and PenIt! Publications. This inspiring book will give children a chance to understand the meaning behind having true friends who help find Wally glasses so he can see the world.

Books: Work

Billie Bop's Robot, Bebop

What is nine-year-old Billie Bop building in his garage? Well, a robot of course! Why does he want a Robot? 

Read the book to find out more...

Farty Marty Pic.jpg

Farty Marty

Farty Marty's Big Brown Butt

Farty Marty is a loveable boy. He has a problem. GAS!! FAAAAAARRRRTTT!! Whenever he becomes nervous, he farts! Sometimes, it's a wet fart. Other times it's a looooonnggg fart. Or it could be a silent fart. Those are the worse. He battles a bully while a girl falls for him. That's right! A girl likes the smell of his farts. It proves that there is somebody for everyone. 

Fart along with Farty Marty's Big Brown Butt and his friends as they stumble through life's messy issues. You can have your best fart count by visiting the author's link www.bryancarrier and sign up to be a member of Farty Marty's Worldwide Fart Club and have your fart rated on the fart meter. Also, by leaving your email you can print a Farty Marty's Worldwide Fart Club Certificate to proudly frame and hang on your bedroom wall for all your friends to gawk at. You can be the envy of your friends. So, don't hold in your farts. Don't silence your farts. Let it rip!!

As other Farty Marty books are released you will receive an email alerting you of the next Fartaganza!! I think I heard Jane whispering to Billie that Farty Marty's Big Brown Butt battles aliens in an intergalactic war over his farts in the next issue. Stay tuned. Until then....



Stinky Stella

Stella surprises her mother on her birthday by picking flowers for her on their farm. In the process of crawling under fences, walking through streams and cow pastures she ruins her new white dress. It became worse when she passed a bee's nest to pick a rare flower. In the end, the love for her mother was worth getting dirty for.

A great Mother's Day or Birthday present for your mother. 

Available now at Amazon

& Pen!It Publications

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