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Love the book Glasses for Wally.

Read it to my 6 year old daughter

a few times already and she is in love

with it. She loves birds so she

immediately connected. Love the

story about Wally.

Jessica Horowitz, Chef


I can definitely relate to Glasses for Wally. As a kid I tried every means to lose my glasses because I felt other kids would make fun of me. Reading about Wally and his friends working as a team teaches children about friendship and achievements.

Heather C.


Name, Title


If you want to fly- you've got to be able to see! The world can be a scary place for any little kid with a vision problem. Walley has a support group of encouraging friends and a "scary" eye care professional who turns out to be his hero!

Loved it! I bought 2 of these to give as gifts. Fun illustrations too!

Carole Bratteig, Optician

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