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Christmas Lights on Trees


Genre: Christmas/Family/Comedy

                                                          LOG LINE                                         

Not everyone is in a Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve as Jack and Emily are searching for answers to save their strained marriage even after their daughter Lucy falls into a lake while skating only to fight for her life while left in a coma. Her spirit is taken to the North Pole where she meets Santa, Rudolph, Mrs. Dilly of Candyland and a cast of others to recuperate before to rejoining her family to celebrate Christmas. (think Dorothy at the North Pole)



Emily has fallen out of love with her husband Jack. She has been seeing, Royce, her lawyer to fill the void. Royce is stringing Emily along long enough for her to sign the inheritance papers from her late mother to his law firm in order to make partner. Jack loves his wife and their daughter Lucy. He tries to save their marriage and talk sense into Emily. On Christmas Eve Lucy hears a bitter conversation from her mother asking Jack to move out of the house. Lucy cries at the thought of not having her father living with them. Jack decides to take Lucy ice skating. Emily rejects the idea. As Lucy locates her skates Jack asks Emily to have one last happy Christmas together as a family for Lucy. Emily agrees.

As Jack and Lucy are ice skating Emily calls Royce informing him that Jack knows about their affair. What Emily doesn’t know is that Royce has his law partners squeezing him for her signature on the inheritance papers. As Jack tires of skating he leaves Lucy to practice her spins. He is drinking hot chocolate with other parents as the ice cracks and Lucy falls into the frozen water. He dives into the pond saving his daughter only to find her not breathing. Giving her CPR she is whisked away in an ambulance to a hospital where she is in a coma. Jack is transported there as well. Emily is contacted by the doctor with her rushing to her daughter’s side.

Emily blames Jack for the accident. Jack defends his innocence and fights for his family. Royce smells a weak moment for her to sign the papers using Lucy’s condition for her to set up a fund for her health. Jack is positive his daughter will live asking his wife not to sign the papers angering Royce.  As Emily’s anger gets

the best of her Jack falls on his faith of God and begins to pray asking his wife to join her. Hand in hand they pray for their daughter’s life.

As Jack and Emily work on their marriage an elf named Jingles comes into the hospital room and takes Lucy’s spirit from her body to the North Pole. Once their she meets Santa, Rudolph, and Mrs. Dilly in Candyland. An elf named, Tyler, invented a new toy without Santa’s knowledge or support. It is THE MAGIC SHOES. The shoes will travel anywhere your imagination will take you. One elf tried the shoes but won’t return until after Christmas. As she visits the rhyming room with, Santa she suggests a plan for the unproven toy.


The hospital room is dismal as Royce pushes for Emily’s signature and the doctor braces Lucy’s parents for the worse. Her body has given up and he has decided that life support must end at midnight unless a massive change in her health occurs before. With all the stress Jack suffers a heart attack as Emily is with

Royce ironing out their differences.

Santa has no choice but to rely on Tyler’s unproven MAGIC SHOES to transport Lucy’s spirit back into her body before midnight and the doctor pulling the plug. As midnight approaches Jack wheels himself into his daughter’s room taking

Emily’s hand praying to God to save her life.

In order for the MAGIC SHOES to transport Lucy’s spirit into her body Tyler needs the help of Queen B and her fairy dust. With minimal time left they visit her asking for the fairy dust. With Lucy snug in her MAGIC SHOES Queen B unleashes a cloud of fairy dust around her enough to transport the child into her body.

Santa visits the hospital room to approve the transport. He pulls the plug before he disappears. Lucy’s parents stare out the window as Santa’s sleigh is seen in the moonlight with him shouting, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!” As he disappears in a snowy night as in a children's story. Lucy wakes to a stunned doctor holding a plug with her parents jumping with glee

for their daughter’s recovery.

As for Royce, Jack punched him in the nose as he was carried away.


The Prophet of 42nd Street

Genre: Drama


A man stands on 42nd Street trying to save the world before midnight by revealing, The Book of Life to mankind. He is considered a Prophet by some people and a terrorist by others because his predictions are coming true.



The Prophet begins his journey by visiting a church healing everyone inside allowing them to look for their name in,

The Book of Life.


Afterwards, he makes his way through the busy streets of New York dragging an old wooden crate only to stand on it on 42nd Street in front of a television store. He begins prophesizing the end of the world will be at midnight. No one pays attention to him until his predictions become true and are shown on the televisions which the

crowd labels him a terrorist.

The Dragon learns the Prophet is in possession of, The Book of Life and he will do anything to possess it. As blackness blankets the world the Dragon takes advantage of the chaos by kidnapping the Prophet holding him in a church. The chief brings in McCoy to handle the case who finds himself in the library studying Bibles until the pages of the books flutter with an image appearing giving him advice.

McCoy meets the chief at the church finding himself inside with the Dragon. The Dragon wants, The Book of Life from the Prophet. With a carving knife the Dragon begins dissecting the Prophet’s chest leaving a large cavern with him holding his beating heart in the palm of his hand. McCoy suggest to the Dragon to eat the heart in order to gain the power of the Prophet. Once the Dragon bites into the heart the floor swallows him and the Prophets body falls to dust. The world ends with the heavens opening and an angel calling names to come home. Their bodies fall to dust as their spirit floats to heaven. A cold wind sweeps the dust away for

a new generation to begin.

This time, Adam does not eat the apple presented to him by Eve and the world lives in peace and harmony.

Red Lips

Blood Stained Diary

Genre: Horror/Action/Drama


My name is Carma. I am here to avenge my sister’s death. She kept a diary. Everyone in the diary that hurt

my sister will die!


  BLOOD STAINED DIARY is an action adventure thriller about one sister, Carma, avenging the death of her twin sister, Julie. They were separated at an early age after their mother drowned in the bathtub. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning by the coroner’s office. Carma and her sister know the truth. Their father, Edward Donovan, who is a prominent banker in the small community, killed their mother.

He has a dark side.

Hidden between the pages of Julie’s diary she writes her own story. The physical and mental torture she endured living in horrific foster homes. Homes, where the mother’s beat her, and the father’s abused her. It all started with her own father ending with Julie

taking her own life.

The diary becomes Carma’s road

map for revenge.

Each page of the diary describes in full detail the foster parent’s abuse. Carma hunts them and wreaks her own revenge upon them. The first to feel her wrath is her father. As she dismantles his life by forcing him to give away his money, property, vehicles and his wife’s business he begs for mercy. Unable to feel any sympathy towards her sister’s abusers she torture’s him to the point

that he takes his own life.

With the police investigating Edward Donovan’s death and the FBI hot on Carma’s heels her vow of avenging her sister’s death does not stop her from hunting Mrs. Randolph, Baxter boys,

and the others.

Carma becomes the judge and jury. There is no jail cell.

There is only death.

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