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A Love Story of Redemption

Welcome to my first blog, which coincides with my first novel series, Rise Up! Against Domestic Violence. The unique character of Rosalie Hernandez came to me as I was visiting friends at a poolside bar-b-que. We were discussing world events, and we came upon men competing in women's sports. My question was simple, why doesn't women compete in men's sports?

As I wrote the first paragraph, of what was supposed to be a short story, of Rise Up! Against Domestic Violence I questioned Rosalie's efforts in the boxing ring. Why was she standing with her arms glued to her sides? "Why are you doing this, Rosalie?" I asked. My writers gut feeling was, write and you will find out. I kept writing and I found out, in a very dramatic manner.

As Rosalie's character became more prominent it became clear that Rosalie was flirting with Jen in the ring. After the fight she had cemented a date with Jen. Rise Up! Against Domestic Violence became a female Rocky story, LGBTQ+ boxing love story.

Rosalie has her demons to conquer, finding solace in her boxing friend, Jen. Together, they find themselves battling the media, fans, and the boxing champion, John Johnston.

Rise Up! Against Domestic Violence is a women's boxing story sprinkled with romance and forbidden love. The same-sex love story will leave you breathless as you share Rosalie's journey in capturing the world's attention.

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