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I am reading, Glasses for Wally to the Dunedin Academy of Science school in Dunedin, Florida. The group of Kindergarten and First graders had FUN!
Heather, is the illustrator of Bean 'n Me and is performing with our trick dog, Bean! It was a great day! The kids loved it!


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When the clock strikes midnight, my fish becomes out of control. He watches TV, plays the piano, jump rope,

and even plays the saxophone! There's Something Fishy About My Fish read to learn what it is.  

Children's Picture Books

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Glasses for Wally


Billie Bop's Robot, Bebop


Bean 'n Me


Stinky Stella


Something Fishy

About My Fish


I Fired My Dog!

I Fired My Dog!

Dogs are part of any family. They become a loving family member just as you and I. My dog, Ruby was rude, obnoxious, and a terror. Tearing up furniture, pillows and anything she could sink her teeth into.

I tried to teach her and even pleaded with her to STOP! When she took the car that's when I had had enough. We became a training in progress..

Stinky Stella!

Stella is an adorable child
with curly, red hair
and pretty ribbons!
She sets out one day in
her pretty, white dress
to find her mother something
for her birthday.
When she hears a frog croaking
in the bushes, he invites
her to follow him.
What will happen to her
beautiful, white dress?


     Bean 'n Me

Come join me on my adventure as I rescue a horse named Lightning.

And for an added bonus my Mom has added something very special for all you kids. Please find all the hearts in her illustrations. You will be amazed on how many you can find.  ENJOY!




Bean 'n Me  
              (click on  Bean)


Glasses for Wally

First of many to come...

Introducing Bryan’s first children’s picture book, Glasses for Wally. Wally has a problem. Everything is blurry which makes it difficult for him to fly properly. His friends rally around him to find glasses, which will help him to fly with the other birds. Your child will be delighted to learn the importance of friendship.

Order your copy today through Amazon, PenIt! Publications and soon to come into other retail book stores.


Meet Billie Bops Robot, BeBop!

Billie Bop builds a robot in his garage to do his chores. His friend, Ruby wants a robot, also. Ruby wants to play with her robot. Billie Bop wants his robot to do his chores.

Once BeBop is built Billie Bop gives him his responsibilities of taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. Ruby plays with her robot, SheBop.

In the end, BeBop falls apart from all the hard work. Ruby teaches Billie Bop the golden rule  of responsibility. "Your chores are your chores." 

Once Billie Bop is finished with his chores he plays with BeBop, Together they jump rope with Ruby and her robot, SheBop.


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